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The “British Columbia and Canada through Arriving Eyes” research project identifies key materials describing German immigrants’ experiences of British Columbia and Western Canada (including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). The website includes an extensive bibliography of primary & secondary resources about German-speaking immigrants in Western Canada and their experiences, perspectives, impressions and perceptions since their arrival in Canada. Under the category “Immigrant Stories”, the website provides oral history interviews, pictures, diaries & documents of German-Canadians, which are also accessible through UBC’s cIRcle. This is the first project focusing specifically on German speaking immigrants and their relationship to Western Canada. The website functions as a public exhibit and resource platform for researchers, students and the public.



Immigrant Stories
The “British Columbia and Canada through Arriving Eyes” research project conducted several interviews with German speaking immigrants from Germany & Austria, living in Canada. The stories depict the vast variety of immigrant experiences, perspectives and impressions they encountered living in British Columbia and Western Canada. The immigrant collection entails oral history interviews, transcripts, photographs, letters, original travel documents, etc.

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We would like to hear what your story is. Share your story of coming from Germany, Switzerland or Austria to Canada with UBC and provide us with photographs, letters, diaries, artifacts or anything else that is related to your experience living in Canada. Your photographs, letters, etc. will be stored in the archives of the University of British Columbia and will be accessible for future research on German speakers living in British Columbia & Western Canada. If you are interested, please contact us or fill out the form to provide us with detailed information about yourself and your story.

The Arriving Eyes project is currently on hiatus and this website is in an archival mode.




The bibliography holds German & English resources related to German immigrants with a German, Austrian or Swiss background who immigrated ca. 1850-present to Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba). It includes diaries, poems, biographies, articles, collections, theses, photographs, audio recordings, websites, etc.

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The “British Columbia and Canada through Arriving Eyes” project is run by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. The members are Dr. Kyle Frackman, Assistant Professor of Germanic Studies at the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies; Keith Bunnell, Reference and Collections Librarian (Humanities & Social Sciences Division) at the Walter C. Koerner Library & Marc Stoeckle, Research Assistant & Graduate from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at UBC.


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Please visit the official blog of the research project, which was written over the course of over one year. It includes oral history interviews, field trips, collecting and researching archival material, etc.

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